[Update] Blockchain Fees reduced drastically

As of Tuesday, January 9th 2018, the transaction fees on BitShares have drastically been reduced by the BitShares Committee.

Due to the increase of the unit price of BTS on all major exchanges, a reduction of the fee was desperately requested by community members, users and businesses. After having approached the BitShares committee, a proposal (1.10.7264) was been made to actually reduce the transaction fee which quickly was approved by the majority of committee members.

The fees have been adjusted to the fee schedule proposed and described on github.

The fees can be found on the blockchain using bitshares.eu.

As of today, the actual fees for most transaction types are:

Operation Fee USD equivalent (2018/01/09)
transfer 0.01662 BTS 0.0129 USD
limit_order_create 0.00092 BTS 0.0007 USD
limit_order_cancel 0.00009 BTS 0.0001 USD
call_order_update 0.00092 BTS 0.0007 USD
account_create 0.09233 BTS 0.0715 USD
account_create 4.61677 BTS 3.5760 USD
account_update 0.00092 BTS 0.0007 USD
account_upgrade 110.80263 BTS 85.8233 USD
account_transfer 4.61677 BTS 3.5760 USD
asset_create (3 chars) 7,386.84244 BTS 5,721.5515 USD
asset_create (4 chars) 1,846.71061 BTS 1,430.3879 USD
asset_create (5+ chars) 46.16776 BTS 35.7597 USD
worker_create 46.16776 BTS 35.7597 USD

For sake of simplicity, the above table is truncated to the most popular operations. The full list can be found in the wallet-internal explorer

Remark: Also remark, that Lifetime Members get a 80% cashback on their transactions fees according to the Referral Program.