Welcome to the BitShares Committee news and updates page.

This is a work in progress, aiming to be the hub of all Committee related information.
For the time being it will contain information about Committee proposals, voting reports and announcements.

More importantly, this page enables web push notifications so please ACCEPT and ALLOW notifications from this site if you want to be kept up-to-date about Committee matters.

For those on systems were web-push notifications don't work, or who prefer not enabling them, updates are also streamed to t.me/BitSharesCommitteeNews.

Please bear with us while we fill the site with archived content and don't forget to vote for workers, committee members and witnesses, or set a proxy you trust.

Latest Updates

[Update] April-May Summary

[Announcement] Bitshares Blockchain Foundation launches BitShares' Public Presentation plan

[Proposal] Proposal to create worker for open market operation fund

[Correction] Proposal IDs updated

[Proposal] Use committee-account funds to test open-market mechanics

[Proposal] Claim market fees from bitCNY

[Announcement] committee.bitshares.works launched

[Announcement] BitShares Commitee becomes Advisory Board to the BBF

[Update] Blockchain fees increased

[Discussion] Blockchain Fees Update Schedule & USD values

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