[Announcement] BitShares Commitee becomes Advisory Board to the BBF

Hello to the BitShares community,

A few days ago, the BitShares committee received an invitation from the Bitshares Blockchain Foundation to form the advisory board of the BBF.

The relevant announcement by the BBF and the full text of the invitation can be seen here.

After careful deliberations by the Committee members, the Committee has chosen to ACCEPT this invitation.

Furthermore, the Committee members have recently been working on formulating a number of proposals that will soon be put forward for the approval of BitShares holders, so the BBF’s invitation could not have come at a better time.

Coordinating and working closely with the Spokesperson/BBF as well as the various worker teams, the Committee will be working to bring BitShares to its rightful place as one of the most advanced and stable blockchain platforms currently deployed.

More detailed announcements regarding the Committee’s future plans will be made soon.

Thank you,

The BitShares committee

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